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Do you want to run a marathon?

Are you looking for a marathon training schedule?

Have you run a marathon, and now you want to run a faster one or even qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Well, congratulations and welcome to Few things are more rewarding and give pride of accomplishment like completing a marathon.

This site helps you train your body to run the best marathon that you can run by providing you information about training techniques, training plans, injuries, injury prevention, nutrition and gear.

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But more importantly, we help you understand and improve one of the best indicators of endurance performance. Your anaerobic threshold. Also known as lactate threshold, this threshold dictates exactly how fast you can run a marathon without being forced to stop due to eventual exhaustion.

When you understand, measure, and train your lactate threshold you will see steady performance gains. So let's get going! Follow the links on the left or the table of content links below.

You'll find some History about the marathon and information about the Boston Marathon and qualification standards. You can jump right in to the Training page to get an overview of the various training runs that you will be doing during your particular marathon training program.

From there, check out the heart of this site on the Heart Rate page. There we will go into detail about heart rate training, lactic acid, VO2 Max, and your anaerobic threshold.

After the ground work is laid, you can then check out the various Training Plans for everyone from beginners to advanced runners. These marathon training plans will be tailored to your specific heart rate zones and anaerobic threshold.

And, of course, we have information about common Injuries, Injury Prevention, Shoes, Nutrition, and some specific advice for the Half Marathon.

Thank you for coming, and check back often as content and information are constantly added and updated.

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