Boston Marathon Course

The historic Boston Marathon Course starts on Main St. in the rural New England town of Hopkinton and follows Route 135 through Ashland, Framingham, Natick, and Wellesley to where Route 16 joins Route 135. It continues on Route 16 through Newton Lower Falls to Commonwealth Avenue, turning right at the fire station onto Commonwealth which is Route 30. It continues on Commonwealth through the Newton Hills, bearing right at the reservoir onto Chestnut Hill Avenue to Cleveland Circle. The route then turns left onto Beacon St. continuing to Kenmore Square, and then follows Commonwealth Avenue inbound. The course turns right onto Hereford St. (NOTE: against normal traffic flow) then left onto Boylston St., finishing near the John Hancock Tower in CopleySquare.

The following link takes you to a printable map, elevation profile and description of the Boston Course Map

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